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Create an Exemplary Retail Experience

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Leverage Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, simply

What influences your customers to make a purchase decision? Furthermore, what can you do to elevate customers moods to make it easier for them to decide? 

By connecting sales data with audio content being played in-store, alongside other environmental inputs that effect customer purchasing behavior, Exemplar automatically tailors the right audio, at the right time, for your brand to sell more.

Importance of Music in the Experience Economy

Imagine walking into cafe only to hear fast paced trash metal blasting from the speakers... how long would you stay?
Music plays a significant role in how we enjoy a retail experience, even at a subconscious level.

Tempo, genre, style, lyrics, volume and equalization interconnected with the brands visual experience, creates a power combination when monitored and adapted in real-time.

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Exemplar Ai enables brands to “connect the dots” to map the entire in-store customer journey, and ultimately create a more inviting, target-orientated, and dynamic shopping experience.


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Exemplar is being incubated at GSVlabs Innovation Sprints

Create an Exemplary Retail Experience